UK secures market access to Japan for poultry meat imports

Britain has secured market access to Japan for imports of poultry meat, its trade ministry said, adding that the agreement was estimated to be worth up to £13 million ($18.3 million) per year by the industry.

17 June 2021, at 7:02am

Japan is renowned internationally for its stringent food safety and import control regime, as well as for its taste for high-quality, varied cuts of meats. The opening of this market for UK fresh and cooked poultry products demonstrates the high standards of UK poultry production methods.

With consumption of poultry on the rise in Japan and its focus on reliable, attractive new products, this market is now on track to become a significant and promising new target for UK poultry meat exporters.

"The Japanese market will now be able to enjoy more of our unique produce, adding to an already varied collection of UK food, such as pork, beef and lamb, already available to its customers," said Victoria Prentis, British food minister.

"We are working hard to open new markets for our agri-food businesses, and this is a significant opportunity for the UK poultry sector," she said in a statement.

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