Size matters when it comes to layer hen welfare

The Laid In Britain Scheme, a quality assurance scheme run by the United Kingdom Egg Producers Association (UKEP), is championing layer hen welfare by encouraging consumers to purchase smaller eggs.
calendar icon 16 August 2021
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UKEP is also backing the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) “Size Matters” campaign to encourage the public and caterers to purchase mixed weight and medium eggs rather than large and extra-large.

Laid In Britain founding partner, David Spackman, himself a qualified vet, acknowledges that hens bred to lay large or extra-large eggs do suffer. “Laying oversized eggs has detrimental effects on the layers’ health, potentially causing a fatal prolapse and depleting them of calcium and protein” he explains.

Welfare a top priority

Laid In Britain, is a food safety and welfare assurance scheme, specifically designed for independent egg producers/retailers, who supply locally. It offers producers a viable alternative to The Lion Code, offering reassurance to customers, such as retail and catering outlets, of the quality and safety of their eggs.

At the heart of the scheme is a drive for optimum bird welfare. Members must comply with the most stringent health and safety regulations in the market, proving they are a credible source for Salmonella-free eggs and happy hens.

The eggs produced within the Laid in Britain scheme have as good, if not superior history of freedom from Salmonella and other health benefits.

Bird welfare is of paramount importance to member producers and they only feed the very best natural foods, which means no growth hormones or added antibiotics.

The extensive protection provided by the Laid In Britain scheme has built total customer confidence in the safety, quality and value of Laid in Britain eggs, which is why they are supporting the drive to allow hens to produce their natural spectrum of egg sizes.

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