Czech poultry flocks to be kept indoors

The aim is to reduce the risk of avian influenza infection

24 November 2021, at 10:43am

The Czech State Veterinary Administration has announced that poultry producers must keep flocks indoors to minimise the risk of avian influenza spread.

The announcement came with some exceptions, reported Reuters.

The measures were announced after a number of H5N1 outbreaks occurred in the country, as well as across Europe.

The restrictions will limit movement of those working on poultry farms and force farms to move flocks into buildings, except for birds such as pigeons or ostriches.

"The aim of the measures is to minimise the risk of introducing infections," the veterinary office said.

The Czech Republic has detected five outbreaks on poultry farms since the end of September and further cases in several wild birds.

Consumers do not need to worry about buying eggs and poultry, said the agriculture ministry.