22 extra eggs per hen with natural oregano essential oil supplement

New study reports in free range production system
calendar icon 19 May 2022
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A study recently conducted by Anpario with a European free range producer has shown that hens offered drinking water supplemented with Anpario’s natural, oregano essential oil (OEO) additive, Orego-Stim Liquid, provided a significant return on investment (ROI) and a sustainable, natural solution to support free range production.

In the study, 64,000 free range laying hens were offered drinking water which was either unsupplemented (control group) or supplemented with Orego-Stim Liquid. Hens receiving the natural OEO supplement from 21-76 weeks of age produced 22 extra eggs per hen compared to hens in the control group.

In addition to the substantial increase in egg number, there was also an increase in the size and quality of these eggs. There were more large and medium eggs, 44 percent less small eggs and the hens were 1.14 times more likely to produce first class eggs.

Furthermore, the study reported fewer egg losses from hens supplemented with Anpario’s natural, OEO additive, Orego-Stim Liquid at the packing station, and a reduced number of liquid, cracked and dirty eggs. These improvements were likely due to an improved gut health status, reflected in the cumulative mortality rates, which were 17 percent lower at 76 weeks of age in hens offered OEO, as well as improved feed efficiency. Hens offered Orego-Stim Liquid utilised feed more efficiently for egg production, with 12 percent less feed being required per egg produced compared to hens in the control group.

“Free range production systems are associated with a number of challenges, including a higher hen mortality rate, more gut health challenges, lower productivity and floor eggs,” said Dr Sylwia Sobolewska, Anpario’s senior technical and account Manager. “Evidence shows that supporting gut health of your layers can have a significant impact on their overall health, performance, and lifetime egg production.”

“One tool which has been widely adopted to support free range hens is the supplementation of natural phytogenics, such as OEO,” continued Dr Sylwia Sobolewska, “100 percent natural OEO provides a multitude of well-documented properties and benefits. These include antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant functions, all of which have a role in supporting optimal gut health, laying performance, and quality egg production.”

As a result of the improved economic gain from the production of more saleable, high-quality eggs with the OEO supplement, the free range producer benefited from an ROI of 14.4:1.

“The study demonstrates just how cost effective this 100 percent natural OEO source can be, and what a sustainable solution it is for free range producers in supporting hen performance and lifetime gut health”, concludes Dr Sobolewska.

For more information on Anpario’s 100 percent natural oregano essential oil product, Orego-Stim, please visit www.anpario.com/orego-stim.

Dr. Sylwia Sobolewska

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