Connecting farm data – irrespective of equipment manufacturer

Learn what Big Dutchman's BFN Fusion is all about
calendar icon 15 August 2022
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With BFN Fusion, Big Dutchman launched one year ago a unique solution for the digitalisation of farm data – irrespective of equipment manufacturer. Would you like to know what has happened since then and to learn what BFN Fusion is all about? Then don’t miss today’s video featuring the topic ‘Connecting Farm Data’.

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Annette: BFN Fusion safely connects all of your farm-data on one single platform, irrespective of equipment manufacturer. But is it true that all farms can be connected? And if so, how? That's exactly what we are going to find out in this video.

Hello and welcome to a new video of How to BFN Fusion. My name is Annette and I am here today with Sören.

Sören, we´ve heard a lot about BFN Fusion and what it's all about. But what I would like to know today is how do I actually get my farm connected to it?

Sören: To connect to BFN Fusion we have the OrbitX. It's an IoT Gateway which uses 4G technology to get your data into the cloud.

Annette: Okay. That sounds truly special.

Sören: Yes, it is special. We invested really a lot of effort, passion, and engineering time to get a well-rounded package. So, by now we have climate sensors, like temperature and humidity, we have water meters, we have bird scales, silo scales, and even batch scales for weighing.

Annette: That sounds impressive. But what would interest me is, how does the actual setup differ, if it's a Big Dutchman-farm, or a non-Big Dutchman farm?

Sören: Yes. Let's have a look at the picture. In case of a Big Dutchman-farm it's very easy. We have the Viper controller, one, two, three, four, as many as there exist on a farm, and those controllers are sending their data to the OrbitX, and the OrbitX is sending the data into the cloud.

In case of a non-Big Dutchman-farm, we just install sensors, wired or wireless sensors, and those sensors are sending the data into our OrbitX, one per house. And the OrbitX, in turn, is sending the data fast, safely, and secure, into the cloud.

Easy installation

Annette: You make it sound easy, but is it actually complicated?

Sören: No. I think it's actually as easy as it may sound. We had a customer a short time ago, who said, yeah well, equip all my houses with those sensors. And I told him: “You can do it on your own.” And he actually installed 16 of those sensors here, well, and similar ones, and connected them to the gateway.

When he realized he had taken the wrong positions, he rearranged them. One hour later he had a different setup, and everything went straight into the cloud. So, the set-up is really easy, but, if you like, of course we will help you, especially with the wired sensors.

Annette: Sounds good. And also it sounds nice and easy if you do it yourself. So, yeah. Terrific.

Thank you very much and thank you once again for joining us. Please do subscribe to our video channel and looking forward to see you again next time.

Laurence Williams

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