2022 Arbor Acres Training Seminar Asia Focuses on “Driving Profitability”

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calendar icon 14 November 2022
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The Aviagen® Arbor Acres® team was pleased to welcome customers from throughout Asia Pacific to the 2022 Arbor Acres Training Seminar Asia (AATSA), which took place Nov. 1-3 in Bangkok. Topics presented by Arbor Acres and external specialists emphasized the theme “Driving profitability” amid today’s challenging times.

Supporting this theme, the training explored performance metrics and their impact on profitability. It also presented best practices for ongoing improvement in key areas such as livability, feed efficiency, hatchability, egg production and health, through careful management of feed and nutrition, housing environment and biosecurity. Management advice was tailored to the unique climate and growing conditions of the Asia Pacific region.

Attendees also saw how data analytics can be applied to maximize bird welfare and economic success. Additionally, they were introduced to Aviagen’s innovative augmented reality (AR) customer service tool to provide instant, real-time training and support from in-house specialists at remote locations.

“Arbor Acres is leading with new developments in technology. This was demonstrated during AATSA, where we conducted a remote hatch debris breakout, along with a virtual 360 degree tour of the new Aviagen North America feed mill in Pikeville Tenn. We also reached more customers in a single event by leading with a hybrid meeting, allowing those not able to travel to join a selection of the proceedings remotely,” commented Greg Hitt, Regional Technical Manager for Asia.

Arbor Acres Brand Manager for Asia Pacific, Yash Jaiswal, explained that his team intended the training to deepen knowledge in areas most relevant to their customers. “Our Arbor Acres producers are our number one priority. The AATSA provided an ideal form for providing tools to boost their competitiveness, especially considering the current global situation.”

“In addition to providing useful and up-to-date content, the AATSA offers an opportunity for our customers to network with the Arbor Acres team and with one another, discussing their challenges and ideas for improvement,” added Hitt.

“Apart from the essential management advice, I found the discussion on the use of economic models to highlight the financial impact of implementing management change in the chicken house, to be highly revealing,” said Dr. Jeff Huang, General Manager - Health, CAB Cakaran Corporation Berhad. .

“It was great to spend time with the Arbor Acres team and our poultry industry colleagues at this year’s AATSA. Learning from the experts, while having one-on-one conversations with other farmers facing the same or similar issues, is an invaluable experience,” commented Dr. Sarosh Akram Hassan, Director of Poultry Health, Quality Poultry Breeders.

“Thank you to our Arbor Acres friends for organizing this successful event for us. I look forward to sharing the knowledge with my team at home and applying it to promote the sustainability of our birds and profitability of our business,” concluded Mark Chang, Managing Director, Gama Food.

Laurence Williams

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