Removing antibiotics remains a focus for IPPE Tech Talks

IPPE takes a production focus in 2024 showcasing new research at Tech Talk program and the launch of a new feed mill biosecurity digital application.
calendar icon 26 January 2024
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By: Anitox

Dr. Enrique Montiel, Anitox’s Global Director of Nutrition and Live Production will be presenting “The Challenge of Removing Antibiotics: Innovative Interventions for Productive Poultry Production” on Wednesday, January 31st at 9:30 AM.

“The removal of antibiotics from food-producing animals has called for substantial changes, leading to a transformation in key aspects of poultry production. The poultry industry is challenged with finding new and improved management practices and ways to prevent disease while also continuing to improve overall performance and profitability. Continued development of chemical, biological, and physical interventions for disease prevention from placement to processing has aided in the shift to antibiotic-free production. A greater understanding of the importance of the microbiome on intestinal health, productivity, immune responses and the control of pathogens of avian and human importance has led to targeted intervention strategies. Feed not only impacts the microbiome due to microbial loads but also serves as a delivery system for interventions during grow out,” says Dr. Montiel.

"We continue to invest in research uncovering how these alternatives support poultry performance. However, the work doesn’t stop there. Managing microbial risk and safeguarding the food chain requires multiple points of intervention. In October of 2023, our work led to the launch of an inaugural, free Feed Mill Biosecurity Audit app specially designed to help mill managers to identify areas of concern in feed mills, implement good manufacturing practices and adhere to regulatory biosecurity requirements.”

The app is available for free on iOs and Google Play Stores and the data collected is protected and private, with Anitox relinquishing the right to track user-given audit data.

Dr. Montiel explains, “Creating meaningful biosecurity programs through auditing feed mills and gathering supporting data can be a tedious, though essential task. For years, our feed mill technologists have been inspecting facilities with our partners, collecting evidence, and generating reports for regulatory and compliance bodies worldwide. This process has become much easier for our partners to manage with the introduction of the new Feed Mill Biosecurity Audit app.”

Producers seeking to understand the impact of feed-source pathogens on poultry performance can meet with Anitox experts at Booth B6033 at any point throughout the show or during Anitox’s Whiskey Tasting events on Tuesday, January 30th, and Wednesday, January 31st, from 3-5 PM.

Anitox recognizes the critical role that feed plays in poultry performance and supports producers in safeguarding the value of their feed by utilizing their expertise in understanding feed pathogens, such as Salmonella. Those interested in learning more should book a slot at one of the many Anitox sponsored events or visit

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