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Below is our list of the major poultry health problems you may encounter. Below each disease is a list of possible treatment options as provided by our supporting animal health companies. Click on the product names for more information on that product. Click on the disease titles for more information on that disease.

MSD Animal Health Aquaculture

Chicken Anaemia

    CIRCOMUNE® - from Ceva

Coccidiosis of Turkeys

Coccidiosis, Caecal, E tenella

Coccidiosis, E mitis

Coccidiosis, E praecox

Coccidiosis, Ileorectal, E brunetti

Coccidiosis, Mid-intestinal, E maxima

Coccidiosis, Mid-intestinal, E necatrix

Coccidiosis, Upper Intestinal, E acervulina

Fowl Cholera, Pasteurellosis

Fowl Pox, Pox, Avian Pox

Infectious Bronchitis, IB

    CEVAC® CORYMUNE 7K - from Ceva
    CEVAC IBird - from Ceva

Infectious Bursal Disease, IBD, Gumboro

    CEVAC® IBD L - from Ceva
    TRANSMUNE IBD - from Ceva

Infectious Laryngotracheitis, ILT

Marek's disease

    VECTORMUNE® AI - from Ceva

Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection, M.g., Infectious Sinusitis - Turkeys

Newcastle Disease (Paramyxovirus 1)

    CEVAC® BROILER ND K - from Ceva
    CEVAC® CORYMUNE 7K - from Ceva

Salmonellosis, S. Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium infections

    CEVAC® CORYMUNE 4K - from Ceva
    CEVAC® CORYMUNE 7K - from Ceva

Disclaimer: This page contains information on veterinary pharmaceutical and biological products that are sold in several different countries and areas where they may be marketed under different trade names and pursuant to different regulatory approvals. Accordingly, ThePoultrySite gives no guarantee that the details presented are correct with respect to all locations. It remains the responsibility of the readers to familiarize themselves with the product information contained on the product label or package insert. If in doubt consult your veterinarian or professional animal health advisor.