Aviagen's Top 5 Commitments #2: Biodiversity – Breeding Choice

Aviagen provides a sustainable supply of breeding stock from parallel pedigree programs with large diverse gene pools.
calendar icon 3 April 2023
clock icon 2 minute read

Given the challenges now and over the past few decades, times are tough for people everywhere, and markets are becoming more and more competitive. Aviagen® understands that, and wants to help customers and producers all over the world stay successful. An essential element of this success is market choice, and we provide this through our commitment to “biodiversity.” There are so many segments out there – restaurants, fast food chains, various grocery store offerings, open markets, and so on. And these segments are continually changing along with consumer preferences. A good example is the recent pandemic, when, due to COVID restrictions, we saw fewer people eating in restaurants. Then, home cooking, take-out and home meal delivery services became popular distribution outlets. On top of these evolving consumer needs, our global customers are operating under varying climates and production systems.

To be prepared for these evolving market “asks” for today and tomorrow, Aviagen keeps broad and diverse gene pools to offer biodiversity, offering a spectrum of breeds.

Thus, customers can select birds best suited for their growing conditions and market requirements in their corner of the world.

We know that our customers and their customers in turn have their finger on the pulse of the market to anticipate changes, and so do we. Because we have a solid selection base we are able to introduce new breeds to meet these changes. It is important to us that we can offer the right bird for the right market at the right time, and that is why we work hard to provide this biodiversity. An example of this is our Rowan Range® line of slower-growing breeds to cater for this developing market segment.

Because of the many different market segments out there, biodiversity is absolutely essential in helping feed communities with a sustainable, healthy protein source. In doing so, we are helping to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #2, Zero Hunger.

To learn more about Aviagen’s commitment to the planet, its people and the world’s chicken meat producers, check out the new “Committed to Breeding Sustainability” presentation.

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