New 50Hz Multifan line: Futureproof fans that are both reliable and energy-efficient

Vostermans Ventilation presents its new (50 Hz) Multifan line of Multifan Tube Mounting and Panel fans.
calendar icon 12 April 2022
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Extensive R&D has resulted in the creation of the new Multifan line, with fans that are both energy-efficient and extremely reliable. Thanks to a new design, a smaller motor, and an optimal motor-impeller combination, these new Multifan fans are among the best performing, energy-efficient, and robust AC fans on the market for agricultural and industrial applications.

Vostermans Ventilation Multifan line

Compliance with the latest ErP regulations

The increasingly strict ErP (Energy-related Products) regulations were the main reason for the development of the new Multifan line. However, Vostermans Ventilation is known for putting premium quality and reliability first in every situation. Therefore, Vostermans set out to improve every aspect of the Multifan line, while ensuring that they remain the most reliable fans on the market.

The new Multifan line is the result of an extensive R&D process in which various industry experts in aerodynamics, motor efficiency and mechanics closely collaborated to create fans that are energy-efficient, as well as reliable, cost-effective, and compatible. The new (50 Hz) Multifan Tube Mounting and Panel Fans meet the latest ErP regulations and IE-motor requirements whilst still delivering optimum airflow performance. The new fans are “CE certified’, ensuring that users ready for audits.

In our video posted above, Vostermans Ventilation presents the new Multifan line and gives a glimpse into the development process.

Optimized for energy-saving, reliability, and durability

The new Multifan offers three key benefits: reduced energy consumption, optimized product life and reliability, and compliance with the latest regulations. The smaller, energy-efficient motor and the optimal motor-impeller combination are the key factors that enable energy savings while maintaining optimal airflow performance. In the new design the motor-impeller combination and the other components are superiorly balanced and work together in perfect synergy. This in combination with the use of only high-quality and durable materials ensures that these fans are extremely robust, even in harsh conditions.

New line of Tube Mounting Fans and Panel Fans

The new 50 Hz Tube Mounting Fans and Panel Fans have undergone a complete transformation on the inside. The smaller fans (up to 50 cm) have a new smaller motor that provides more free flow. They are more efficient while providing an optimal airflow performance. And they comply with the latest ErP regulations and IE requirements.

Read more about the new Multifan line and its improvements and benefits.

Vostermans Ventilation

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