The economic importance of the Iowa egg industry

by 5m Editor
13 June 2003, at 12:00am

By the Iowa Egg Council - Iowa State University has released a report in which says the egg production and processing industry "has a significant impacts on Iowa’s economy."

The ISU researchers looked at the value of inputs such as feed grains, transportation, handling and business services as well as induced effects of consumer related spending by workers who earn their paychecks in these sectors.

They found that by including the direct and secondary impacts, the total economic effects attributable to the Iowa egg industry included $747 million of total industrial sales, about 6,000 jobs, $160 million of personal income and value-added of $224 million.

Direct jobs associated with egg production, processing and hatchery operations is 2,600 with an annual payroll of more than $60 million.

Based on average state tax yields relative to earnings, the Iowa egg industry generates $10 million of state taxes annually.

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Source: Iowa Egg Council - June 2003

Iowa Egg Council