Trouw Nutrition shares research that will help meet marketplace demands

Trouw Nutrition will unveil nutritional technologies at IPPE to support flocks and manage production challenges
calendar icon 29 January 2024
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Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco's livestock feed business line, is sharing scientific research and unveiling nutritional technologies to support poultry production during the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), 30 Jan. to 1 Feb., in Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. 

Three International Poultry Scientific Forum presentations and an IPPE TECHTalk offer new insights from poultry research initiatives, including trials studying the effects of phytogenic ingredients, trace mineral sources, and organic acid supplementation on flock performance and farm economics. Visitors to the Trouw Nutrition booth (A823) can also learn about advanced technologies to support the production of safe, high-quality feed.

A natural approach to support improved performance

Launching at IPPE, Fytera Perform is a micro-encapsulated blend of three natural essential oils. The scientifically validated Selko feed additive utilises a plant-based strategy to support poultry health and performance. Plant metabolites have the potential to trigger receptors on intestinal cells that in turn influence local and systemic physiological responses affecting metabolism, immunity, hormonal secretion, inflammation, and ultimately, animal performance. A meta-analysis of six studies showed that broilers receiving Fytera Perform had improved bodyweights and feed efficiency compared to control birds, even in the presence of a mild challenge.

Trace minerals to support immune response under an LPS challenge

Stressors such as disease and hot temperatures can threaten the health and productivity of broilers and layers. As essential ingredients in the diet, trace minerals help support birds’ immune response especially when they are challenged. Researchers evaluated how the source of trace minerals (Selko IntelliBond or sulphate) affected layers and broilers under an LPS challenge. 

An animal’s superoxide dismutase (SOD) response serves as an important defence against oxidative stress. Supplying a high-quality mineral that is more available to the bird can help support the SOD response when birds are exposed to a stressor. Research findings indicate that both the source and levels of zinc, manganese and copper should be considered when supplementing trace minerals to reduce the impact of stressors and support challenged birds’ immune response, and therefore help maintain health and performance.

Evaluating the ROI of organic acid supplementation

While water acidification is commonly used to support digestion and intestinal health, the performance benefits must be evaluated in context with the cost. In a high feed price scenario, limited application is a strategy commonly employed to leverage the use of organic acids while managing economics. However, researchers compared the performance of broilers receiving no organic acid supplementation to that of birds receiving full or partial organic acid supplementation, and then calculated a return on investment. 

Providing birds with a continuous supply of blends of selected organic acids was more cost-effective than partial acidification or no acidification. Results indicated that supplementing water with an organic acid blend (Selko AlpHa) enhanced broiler performance. Based on local feed, product, and livestock prices, applying organic acids across the full cycle led to a net return of €0.17 per broiler (ROI 13.3). Birds receiving organic acids in water for six hours each day had a net return of €0.12 per broiler (ROI 12.4).

Precision farming demos

Enhanced measurement capabilities and data support more precise monitoring, analysis, and management of raw materials and feed quality. NutriOpt’s enhanced technology and world-class database are designed to drive decisions that support animal performance, along with improved efficiency, sustainability, and farm economics. The technology can help ensure raw materials meet quality standards, help avoid over-formulation and reduce safety margins while maintaining nutritional values. During IPPE, Trouw Nutrition will unveil enhanced NutriOpt NIR technologies accessible on the MyNutriOpt platform and on mobile devices.

Remarking on Selko and Trouw Nutrition’s presence at IPPE, Jaco Eissen, Global Manager Monogastric at Trouw Nutrition, stated, “Poultry producers have to deal with continuously changing circumstances that are influencing their business in 2024. Science-based insights can help producers and nutritionists make decisions that benefit their flocks and their farms.”

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