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Poultry Respiratory Protection - Latest Issue Cover Story Shielding layers from IB Two top producers tell their stories Despite the spread of the QX variant of infectious bronchitis (IB) and the constant threat of other strains, two top layer producers say they’re keeping the disease at bay and actually seeing gains in production — even in free-range flocks. Click here to read...

Frédéric David, DVM, says the fight against infectious bronchitis in poultry, particularly in layers and breeders, has been nothing short of a team effort.

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x-ovo’s richard Currie, PhD, BVM&s, MrCVs, says advances in molecular technology have made it possible to pinpoint the strains of infectious bronchitis and fine-tune vaccination programs.

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D388 ‘highly pathogenic’ in layers, broiler breeders

Swedish studies show evolution of IB viruses

Novel Qx IB virus strain found in southern england

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Understanding how IB attacks clarifies need for broad vaccine protection

Understanding how the infectious bronchitis (IB) virus attacks the chicken’s respiratory system clarifies why broad IB vaccine protection is needed, said Aris Malo, DVM, global technical director for poultry, MSD Animal Health. Click here to read...

‘More is better’ when vaccinating layers, breeders against IB

“More is generally better” when it comes to infectious bronchitis (IB) vaccination for layers and breeders, said Sjaak De Wit, DVM, PhD, of the Animal Health Service, Deventer, the Netherlands. Click here to read...

European approach to IB control explored for use in US flocks

A novel approach to control of infectious bronchitis (IB) that’s been effective abroad may be on the horizon for US producers struggling with the disease in their flocks. Click here to read...

Test results show growing prevalence of IB 793B (4/91) over 5 years

A 5-year summary of test results by a diagnostic laboratory in Europe shows that infectious bronchitis (IB) virus is clearly the most prevalent respiratory disease among poultry, reported Brice Robineau, DVM, of Finalab, which specializes in veterinary biological analysis. Click here to read...

Monitoring helps Brasil foods steer IB vaccination program

Careful, high-tech monitoring has demonstrated the volatility of infectious bronchitis (IB) in the field and enabled a Brazilian producer to provide the most effective vaccination programs to contain the disease. Click here to read...

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Understanding IB: What you need to know

Austria’s franz sommer, DVM, DaCPV, says there could be a link between the presence of crows and Qx, but he’s still not taking any chances..

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