NFU Poultry Board gets its Wings

by 5m Editor
8 October 2003, at 12:00am

UK - Poultry is the first commodity to get a new Board as part of the NFU’s restructuring plans.

NFU Poultry Board gets its Wings - UK - Poultry is the first commodity to get a new Board as part of the NFU’s restructuring plans.

The new Board was appointed on Wednesday by the outgoing poultry committee and comprises nine representatives from the poultry meat, eggs and turkey sectors. It joins the Horticulture Board that was inaugurated in February 2003 – ahead of the restructuring.

Each Poultry Board member will be allocated a specific region of the country and will work alongside regional boards.

Board members are: James Hook, Nigel Joice and Edward Thomas (poultry); Andrew Hignett, Peter Barton, Duncan Priestner (eggs); Mike Bailey and Les Hewitt (turkeys).

The chairman for the first two years will be Gloucestershire poultry producer and chairman of the former NFU poultry committee Charles Bourns.

Speaking about the new Poultry Board, Charles Bourns said that a greater flexibility to co-opt specialists and increased use of email to communicate will allow the NFU to respond swiftly and more effectively to issues affecting the sector.

Boards will also be encouraged to form further strategic alliances with other downstream trade associations where it is considered beneficial to the cause.

The Board replaces the NFU’s national poultry committee, and turkey, eggs and poultry meat sub-committees. Regional representation will continue.

Charles Bourns said: “We are extremely pleased to have an appointed Board that comprises top-flight producers with expertise in the full range of relevant and associated fields.

“We believe the new structure and our increased ability to co-opt experts will allow us to deliver a swift, informed and effect voice on behalf of members.”

Source: National Farmers Union - 3rd October 2003

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