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This story has moved to the Asian Bird Flu News Page following Thailand's confirmation of the country having Bird flu.
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Thai Fowl Cholera: This story has moved to the Asian Bird Flu news following Thailands confirmation on the country having Bird flu.

Fowl Cholera, Pasteurellosis
This story has moved to the Asian Bird Flu News Page following Thailand's confirmation of the country having Bird flu.

Archive Fowl Cholera, Pasteurellosis News:

AFP via Borneo Bulletin - 22nd January 2004
Suspected outbreak of fowl cholera in Laos
LAOS - Around 400 chickens on a farm near the Lao capital Vientiane have died from a suspected outbreak of fowl cholera, state media said Wednesday, ruling out bird flu as the cause of death. The chickens began dying on January 15 at a farm at Nonsavang village, a few kilometres from the capital, the Vientiane Times newspaper reported.
Reuters via The Globe and Mail - 21st January 2004
Poultry disease threatens Thailand's exports
THAILAND - Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra invited foreign reporters to join his cabinet for a chicken lunch yesterday as he tried to soothe public fears after an outbreak of poultry cholera.
Thailand insists it is free of the avian flu which has jumped to humans in Vietnam and killed at least five people there, but the poultry cholera outbreak has dented confidence in a major export industry that raises one billion chickens each year.
Food Production Daily - 21st January 2004
Questions remain over Thai competence
EU - European Union Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection David Byrne yesterday expressed confidence that Thailand was free from avian flu that is ravaging other parts of East Asia.
According to a Bangkok Post report, Byrne went on to praise Thailand’s food safety record. “Bangkok has made very great progress in recent times relating to food safety that will see fluent exports of poultry products and shrimp from Thailand to the EU,” the report quotes him as saying.
Bangkok Post - 21st January 2004
Playing chicken with public health
THAILAND - The European commissioner for health and consumer protection has declared himself "satisfied" that there is "no evidence" of bird flu in Thailand. We should feel comforted. The European Union, after all, has stringent health standards, and is a major importer of Thai chicken meat.
But will Commissioner David Byrne have the final word on whether the disease(s) that has killed or forced the culling of more than 800,000 chickens is not flu but a strain of poultry cholera and/or a simple respiratory disease?
Reuters - 21st January 2004
Three Thais tested for bird flu
BANGKOK - Three Thais who have been in contact with diseased chickens are being tested to see if they have bird flu, which has killed five Vietnamese, Health Minister Sudarat Keyuraphan said on Wednesday.
"The lab result to confirm whether they have caught bird flu will come out in the next three days and we will make a public announcement on that result," she told reporters a couple of hours after insisting Thailand was free of the disease.
AP via The Star - 20th January 2004
Thai leaders feast on chicken to allay bird flu fears
BANGKOK - Hoping to allay fears that bird flu has struck Thailand, government leaders Tuesday feasted on an array of chicken dishes at a Cabinet meeting and Thai exporters pledged to pay 1 million baht (US$25,000) to anyone who dies from eating the local poultry.
The avian flu has ravaged chicken farms elsewhere in Asia, and caused the deaths of five people in Vietnam, but Thai officials maintain the disease hasn't spread to Thailand.
Bangkok Post - 20th January 2004
Live chickens, not money for farmers who lost stock in cull - Profiteering puts end to govt cash help plan
BANGKOK - Farmers who lost chickens during the epidemic would be compensated with live chickens, not money, Deputy Agriculture Minister Newin Chidchob said.
The government had dropped its previous plan to pay 40-100 baht for every dead chicken after learning the price of live chickens had skyrocketed, and the new prices would make it impossible for farmers to replace dead ones.
Bangkok Post - 20th January 2004
No flu here, says EU health chief
EU - European Union Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection David Byrne yesterday expressed confidence that Thailand was free from avian flu and lauded Bangkok's progress in food safety control.
"There absolutely is no evidence of the existence of bird flu in Thailand. I have my own officers working here in Bangkok and they are keeping a very close eye on the bird flu outbreak" said Mr Byrne after a brief meeting with Agriculture Minister Somsak Thepsuthin and his deputy Newin Chidchob.
The Nation - 20th January 2004
DISEASE WORRIES: Chicken scare hurts Chinatown vendors
Chicken sellers in Bangkok’s Chinatown – or Yaowaraj – have been left reeling as worried shoppers choose food other than poultry for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.
Alarmed by a disease epidemic, said by the government to be chicken cholera and bronchitis, sweeping through chicken populations, hundreds of ethnic Chinese Thais can be seen foregoing the fowl as their choice for celebratory feasts this week.
Bangkok Post - 20th January 2004
Govt accused of incorrect handling of disease outbreak
BANGKOK - Senators and the opposition yesterday faulted the government's handling of the chicken epidemic and demanded concrete proof it was not the deadly avian flu that has killed millions of fowl in Asia.
Democrat party leader Banyat Bantadtan said the government had acted slowly to prevent the outbreak and failed to clear public confusion about the disease.
Bangkok Post - 20th January 2004
Cambodian ban on imports of poultry
CAMBODIA - The chicken flu scare has spilled over the border, with Cambodia banning Thai poultry. Cambodian border officials claimed the Commerce Ministry in Phnom Penh had issued the poultry ban in the wake of the outbreak of fowl cholera. The order, dated Jan 16, prohibits the import of all live and dead chickens as well as poultry products. The order remains in effect until further notice.
Bangkok Post - 19th January 2004
Routes to be mapped, stock sprayed - Movements eased so exporters meet sales
BANGKOK - Specific routes will be mapped out to control movements of live chicken from poultry farms to 20 slaughter houses in eight provinces, Deputy Agriculture Minister Newin Chidchob said. This was the latest response to the chicken epidemic which he insisted had nothing to do with bird flu.
AFP via EUBusiness - 19th January 2004
Thailand acts to control chicken cholera outbreak
BANGKOK - Thailand, Asia's largest poultry exporter, has tightened controls of its chicken industry in a bid to eradicate a serious outbreak of fowl cholera and bronchitis, officials said Monday.
Deputy agriculture minister Newin Chidchob reiterated the government's assertion that the outbreak, which has caused the death or culling of at least 850,000 chickens, was under control and that the kingdom was not affected by a bird flu epidemic that has hit parts of Asia
Inquirer News Service - 17th January 2004
Gov't urged to ban imports of chicken
PHILIPPINE chicken growers have urged the Department of Agriculture to ban on chicken imports from anywhere in Asia to prevent the spread of the bird flu epidemic plaguing several countries in the region.
An import ban would protect the Philippine poultry population from the fowl cholera and avian flu plaguing Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia, Philippine Association of Broiler Integrators president Rita Imelda Palabyab said.
China Post - 15th January 2004
Singapore bans live Thai chicken imports, fearing fowl cholera
Singapore has suspended the import of live chickens imports from Thailand following reports of an outbreak there of fowl cholera.
Imports of all live birds, day-old chicks, whole frozen poultry and poultry offal have been suspended, the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority said in a statement late Wednesday. It did not say how long the ban would be in place.
AP via Hoovers - 14th January 2004
Thai chickens dying from cholera, weather-related illnesses
THAILAND - Thailand is free of the bird flu that has wreaked havoc in other Asian countries, but chickens at local poultry farms have been dying from cholera and illnesses caused by rapid changes in the weather, officials said Wednesday.
Today Online - 14th January 2004
AVA suspends import of live chickens from Thailand
FOWL cholera has taken a high death toll in chicken farms in several central provinces in Thailand and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) is worried. In a statement released last night, it said the disease — primarily a respiratory disease that can lead to death — if introduced into Singapore, could have "a devastating effect on our chicken farms".
eFeedLink - 13th January 2004
Thailand Authorities Deny Bird Flu Outbreak
THAILAND - Despite millions of chickens dying in the central provinces of Thailand, the Livestock Department in the country have refused to admit that the current outbreak is the much dreaded bird flu virus.
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