Turkeys Raised in 2003 Up 1 Percent from 2002

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12 January 2004, at 12:00am

US - Turkeys raised in the United States during 2003 totaled 274 million birds, up 1 percent from the 272 million raised in 2002, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Turkeys Raised in 2003 Up 1 Percent from 2002 - US - Turkeys raised in the United States during 2003 totaled 274 million birds, up 1 percent from the 272 million raised in 2002, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). Minnesota ranked first in the number raised with 45.0 million, followed by North Carolina with 42.5 million, Arkansas and Missouri each with 26.5 million, Virginia with 23.0 million, California with 17.3 million, and South Carolina with 13.0 million. These States accounted for 71 percent of the turkeys produced in the United States during 2003.

Turkey Growers Plan 4 Percent Decrease in 2004

Turkey growers in 23 States intend to decrease the number of birds raised by 4 percent in 2004. These states produced over 99% of the turkeys raised in 2003. Intentions for the top seven producing States compared with 2003 are as follows: Minnesota down 4 percent, North Carolina down 11 percent, Arkansas down 2 percent, Missouri down 4 percent, Virginia down 4 percent, California down 7 percent, and South Carolina unchanged. The number of turkeys actually raised in 2004 may vary from growers' intentions shown in this report depending on feed costs, supply of hatching eggs, cost of poults, and prices growers receive for turkeys during the next few months.

Number Raised in 2002 and 2003¹

1 Revised.
2 CO, DE (2003), KS, NE, OK, OR, TX, UT, and WI combined to avoid disclosing individual operations.

Death Loss by Geographical Region
and United States, 2001-2003

Number of Turkeys Raised
United States, 1993-2003

Turkeys Raised Estimates

Survey Procedures: Survey data for the turkeys raised estimate are collected from a list of contractors and independent growers during December. States use all known sources of producer names to ensure that the list is as complete as possible. Turkey producers are then contacted either by mail, telephone, or in person. Diligent effort is made to ensure that all operations are accounted for in the estimate.

Estimation Procedures: Turkeys raised estimates include young turkeys intended for meat production, as well as breeder turkeys which reached maturity during the calendar year. These estimates exclude turkeys lost to disease or those destroyed. Placements of turkey poults from the Monthly Turkey Hatchery Survey provide the basis for the preliminary estimates published in August. Final estimates, published in January, use indications from the December Growers Survey in addition to updated hatchery data. Other indications for the final estimates are obtained from monthly slaughter totals and check-off data provided by individual State turkey or poultry associations.

Generally, individual State data are not published if there are less than three operations in a State, or if any one operation has 60 percent or more of the total turkeys in the State. These data are combined into the "Other States" category.

Reliability: Turkeys raised estimates are based on a census of known active producers and, therefore, have no sampling variability. However, estimates may be subject to errors such as omissions, duplication, and mistakes in reporting, recording, and processing of the data. These errors are minimized through strict quality controls in the edit and summarization process, and a careful review of all reported data for consistency and reasonableness.

Revision Policy: Estimates for the previous year are subject to revision when preliminary raised estimates are made in August. Revisions are primarily based on updated hatchery and slaughter data, and at the U.S. level, are usually less than one-half of one percent of the final estimate published in January. Estimates are also reviewed after data from the Census of Agriculture are available. No revisions are made after that date.

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Source: USDA NASS - Turkeys Raised Report - 9th January 2004

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