Chicken demand on the rise

by 5m Editor
7 February 2005, at 12:00am

INDIA - With the number of people relishing Chicken curry on the rise and the problems encountered in transporting the Chicks from outside the State, the Chicken Centres concerned have started operating their own poultry farms to the raise the fowl. Apart from employing Egg Hatching Methods, arrangement have been made to produce parent broilers for laying the eggs for the purpose of hatching chicks naturally. According to a survey conducted by The Sangai Express, most of the Chicken Centres located in Imphal area sold 90 to 100 dressed Chicken and around 200 kg of undressed Chicken on an average daily. So far the Chicken (Broiler) being sold in the Chicken centres were brought in from outside the State. But now efforts have been make to raise the fowls here in the State itself to avoid numerous difficulties being faced during transit.

5m Editor