Netherlands Group Boosts Poultry in Ghana

by 5m Editor
27 May 2005, at 12:00am

THE NETHERLANDS - Sankofa Foundation, a Ghanaian-based association in the Netherlands, in collaboration with Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen (GNAFF), has commissioned a Family Poultry Project at Asutsuare in the Greater Accra region. The foundation which aims at creating culture and deepening relations between Ghanaians and their Netherlands partners, have targeted improving the lifestyle of Ghanaian women by putting them into the poultry industry. The chairman of the foundation, Mr. George Duncan, in an interview with The Chronicle, said the idea was to give the women the chance to earn income for themselves since they have several responsibilities to take care of. "Therefore helping them in this direction will pave the way for poverty reduction in the smaller communities," he said. He said looking at the economic status and the income level of most women in the country, it is so low that it needs serious attention to lift them out of the menace. "It is in this view that we resorted to fund raising in Holland and seeking support from Novib and Rabobank Foundation and other corporate bodies to speed up the organization's activities in the country," he said. Source: AllAfrica

5m Editor