SW Missouri Chicken Plant Expansion Plans Concern Oklahoma Official

by 5m Editor
30 June 2005, at 12:00am

US - Environmental officials in Oklahoma are worried about plans to increase the size of an egg-producing operation in southwest Missouri. Oklahoma environmental secretary Miles Tolbert is asking Missouri to delay issuing permits to Moark to triple the number of chickens it has in Newton County, Missouri. Moark has 1.3-million chickens and wants to add 2.6-million more. Tolbert is asking Missouri to not issue permits until it's known where the chicken waste would be disposed. He says he's worried about the effect the waste would have on the Elk and Spring Rivers that flow into Oklahoma from Missouri. Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson is already suing 14 poultry companies he says have polluted the Illinois River with chicken waste. Source: kotv

5m Editor