Benifiting poultry by EGG-adapted Gumboro vaccine

PAKISTAN - The deadly “Gumboro” disease of chicken is caused by a virus, which results into immuno-compromising in the birds and leading to great economic losses.

The disease can now be controlled by a locally developed egg-adapted live as well as inactivated vaccines thus benefiting the country by saving the foreign exchange with regards to WTO scenario.

Livestock and poultry play a major role in the economy of Pakistan. Out of total deaths in poultry, 20% are due to infectious bursal disease (Gumboro) alone. The disease causes increased carcase condemnation rates.

The infectious bursal disease commonly known as Gumboro is an acute, highly contagious viral infection of young chickens, which spreads very rapidly by contact with sick birds. The virus has a great affinity for the lymphoid tissue as its primary target. with special predilection for the bursa of Fabricious (BF), which is responsible for maturation of immune system of the birds.

The economic importance of the disease is manifested in two ways i.e. direct and indirect losses. The direct losses are in the form of high mortality. Indirect losses are due to acquired immunodeficiency or immuno-suppression, impaired growth and poor performance. Furthermore, the increased use of antibiotics and chemicals to fight against opportunistic (secondary) infections is a major concern for human health. Gumboro virus is resistant to many disinfectants and environmental factors, and remains infectious for at least four months in the poultry house environment.

Because of the resistant nature of Gumboro virus, once a poultry house becomes contaminated, the disease tends to recur in subsequent flocks.

Source: Daily Times
calendar icon 10 October 2005
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