Media Sounds Alarm over Dead Birds in Macedonia

by 5m Editor
17 October 2005, at 12:00am

MACEDONIA - More than 2,000 domestic birds have died in three Macedonian villages, local media reports. In the villages Mogila and Germiyan near Bitola some 1,000 chickens and turkeys have died and another 1,000 dead chickens have been found in the Mikulyane village near Kumanovo (50km away from the Bulgarian border). The dead birds will be tested in Skopje, Macedoanian media reported. Veterinary inspector Nina Dimovska from the Macedonian veterinary inspectorate was cited as saying that so far the tests have proved to be negative. Lab tests in the United Kingdom proved that the bird virus strain found in Romania is deadly to humans. Romania's agriculture minister said the strain is H5N1 highly pathogenic virus, the same lethal version as the one responsible for more than 60 deaths in Asia. Source:

5m Editor