Poultry Consumption in Bulgaria Down 3 Times

by 5m Editor
25 January 2006, at 12:00am

BULGARIA - Poultry consumption in Bulgaria has decreased three times after the bird flu outbreak in neighbouring Romania and Turkey. The news was broken by Ivan Anguelov, director of the Gradus company and chair of the product board for eggs and poultry. Anguelov and representatives of poultry companies and organizations had talks with Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Minister Rumen Ovcharov, Agriculture Minister Nihat Kabil, Health Minister Radoslav Gaydarski and Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski. They all agreed on the establishment of a working group that would discuss all measures for overcoming the crisis that emerged after the threat of bird flu spread in the country. The working group will include representatives of ministries and the organizations dealing with poultry production and trade. Plamen Oresharski pledged that the state would provide all necessary funds for the overcoming of the crisis. Source: Sofia News Agency

5m Editor