Bid for cage-free eggs in residence halls stalled

by 5m Editor
21 March 2006, at 12:00am

MINNESOTA - For some, one egg is as good as another. But for others, an egg is only as good as its source. In past months, Compassionate Action for Animals, among other organizations, has advocated for University Dining Services to transition to cage-free eggs, in which egg products are produced in farms without battery cages. Late last month, the effort stalled when the Residence Hall Association approved a resolution opposing a transition to cage-free eggs in residence dining halls. UDS Director Larry Weger said UDS is taking into account recommendations and resolutions from various groups, and is pursuing options inside the University. “At this point, the primary focus is to continue our work with the University’s agricultural department to affect the utilization the eggs produced on campus,” he said. However, Weger said, no options have been ruled out, although UDS does recognize Residence Hall Association’s stated desire for program improvements rather than a transition to cage-free eggs. Source: Minnesota Daily

5m Editor