Polish Poultry Producers To Fight With Big Retailers

by 5m Editor
5 April 2006, at 12:00am

POLAND - The Polish poultry companies are going to demand big retailers to pay them back the fees collected in the past. Their chances have grown with precedent case. After the Highest Court said that the fees paid by a producer to Biedronka, the retailer owned by Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja (JMD), were illegal, the poultry producers decided to use the precedent to fight for their rights. “We have already asked our members to collect documents proving they pay additional fees for the last five years”, Leszek Kawski, the general director of the National Poultry Council of the Economic Chamber, said. The Chamber plans to prepare a joint suit to cancel agreements providing for fees other than the sales margin. “There are over 30 such fees”, he added. If the court decides the producers are right, each company could demand to be paid back its money from retailers. According to Leszek Kawski, each big deliverer pays several million zlotys to each big retailer. Source:

5m Editor