Vostermans Ventilation Introduces the Multifan 130 Cone Fan

by 5m Editor
8 May 2006, at 12:00am

NETHERLANDS - With the introduction of the Multifan 130 Cone fan Vostermans Ventilation takes a Next Step in the development of fans for tunnel ventilated houses.

Multifan 130 Cone Fan The aerodynamic design of the Multifan 130 Cone fan guides the air through the (fan) cone during a prolonged stage.

The smoothly designed, easy to install cone takes care of a higher airflow with an improved efficiency (47.470 m3/h at 0 Pa) and a strongly reduced power consumption (31,8 W/1000 m3/h).

The heart of the system remains the original Multifan 130.

In addition to the aerodynamic advantages and, consequently, the specifically effective and efficient air volumes, this fan is known for a high durability, very low maintenance level and easy to assemble parts.

The controllability of the Multifan 130 can reduce energy costs further. The 3-blade version is applied for standard tunnel ventilation in poultry, pork or green houses.

For higher pressures (from 60 to 100 Pa) a 5-blade version is available; layer houses with cages or aviaries can be served accordingly with this specific version.

5m Editor