Norway revokes outdoor poultry ban because of low risk

by 5m Editor
2 June 2006, at 12:00am

NORWAY - Norway revoked its ban on free-range poultry in its southern counties on Thursday, according to reports from Oslo, capital of the country. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority took the decision after observing that the risk of an H5N1 bird flu pandemic was diminishing, and no areas in Norway were at high risk. The health authority made a statement that "because of the bird flu situation now ... there are no special demands for the raising of poultry or other birds now." But if the situation changed, they could re-impose the measures swiftly, the authority added. The authority imposed the ban in eight southern counties in February to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. But so far, H5N1 bird flu has not been detected in Norway. Source: Peoples Daily online

5m Editor