Free range set to grow it alone?

by 5m Editor
24 July 2006, at 12:00am

UK - The growth of free range is set to continue into the next decade but it will be the only sector of the egg industry to flourish. Because as cage eggs slowly decline the development of organic will be stopped in its tracks and barn may disappear altogether. That is the prediction of three of the egg industry’s leading figures in a major overview of future development. Andrew Joret, David Tromans and Peter Challands made their forecasts in a joint presentation called “The Challenges Facing the UK Egg Industry” which constituted this year’s Temperton Fellowship Report. The trio, formerly senior executives with Deans Foods and now with the newly formed Noble Foods, say: “The swing from cage to non-cage production systems has been the single most consistent feature of the egg market over the last 20 years. But the big questions are will the swing continue? At what rate? And for how long?” In the year’s from 1998-2005 the shift has averaged 2.2 per cent. But in the past three years the rate has increased to 2.9 per cent. Source: Farming UK

5m Editor