Chicken farming is egg-cellent

by 5m Editor
29 August 2006, at 9:35am

INDIANA - Vanderburgh County family has turned its quest for healthier food into a small and booming business.

From their rural home west of Evansville near the Posey County line, Keith and Jerlene Cannon and their four children operate Stonewall Farm, which sells grass-fed poultry and eggs.

Wanting a healthier alternative to commercially produced food, the Cannons started out in 2003 with 16 egg-laying hens. They added broiler hens the following year.

"It was motivated completely just to have healthier food and traceability ... knowing that they're healthy chickens," said Keith Cannon, whose "day job" is as a research chemist. At any given time, the Cannons are raising about 700 broilers, with another 125 "layers" for eggs.

The chickens live in 8-by-10-foot pens that the Cannons move around their property so the birds have continuous access to fresh grass and insects.

Source: The Evansville Courier

5m Editor