Foie gras could become faux pas in New Jersey

by 5m Editor
28 August 2006, at 1:20pm

NEW JERSEY - One day, restaurant patrons might hear just that if New Jersey lawmakers join a growing movement against the fatty prepared livers of ducks and geese, the stuff of epicures' dreams -- and animal advocates' nightmares -- for 5,000 years.

On Tuesday, Chicago began enforcing a ban on the dish. California is phasing it out by 2012, and similar laws have been under consideration in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Oregon. Even Philadelphia -- famously fond of the cholesterol-loaded cheese steak -- is thinking about outlawing foie gras, itself more or less a hunk of saturated fat.

Now, a lawmaker from Bergen County wants to ban the animals' force-feeding -- a preemptive strike should any pate farmers want to set up shop in New Jersey. So far, according to the state Department of Agriculture, the state lacks any such farms.


5m Editor