City starts crackdown on meat hygiene

by 5m Editor
18 September 2006, at 10:31am

VIETNAM - The HCM City Animal Health Department began inspecting slaughterhouses last week in line with stricter meat-hygiene standards recently implemented in the city.

Director of the department, Huynh Huu Loi, said that the inspections are to ensure compliance with the HCM City People's Committee's Decision No. 31, which recently tightened the city's slaughtering hygiene regulations.

Cattle and poultry used to be slaughtered on the floor without sufficient clean water to clean the meat, and untreated water discharged, polluting the environment and groundwater.

The decision requires slaughtering facilities to install a system whereby cattle and poultry are hung above the ground for slaughter. Also, the facilities will have to comply with waste treatment standards to protect the environment.

The recent municipal authority regulation also requires workers to wear protective uniforms. Treatment of discharged water and waste from the facilities will also be inspected.

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

5m Editor