Philippines to import chicken after typhoon destroys farms

by 5m Editor
14 October 2006, at 11:50am

THE PHILIPPINES - The Philippines will import 3,000 tons of chicken from the US after the recent typhoon destroyed numerous poultry farms.

The Philippines Department of Agriculture said last week that it is the first time in three years that the country will import dressed chicken. It is hoping the imports will arrive by December when demand is at its peak because of the Christmas season.

Damages to the agricultural sector in the Philippines have now been estimated at about P1.19 billion ($24 million), double that of an initial assessment of P515 million ($10.3 million).

Damages to agricultural infrastructure are estimated at P146 million ($2.92 million).

Rice, fishery and poultry are the worst hit commodities, while high value commercial crops such as banana, mango and papaya were similarly affected.

Source: Meat Process

5m Editor