Tyson finds gas as humane as electrocution in bird slaughter

by 5m Editor
9 October 2006, at 11:52am

US - Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat producer, says using gas in killing chickens doesn't seem to be more humane than electrocuting them. But the company is seeking further study before changing its practice.

Tyson recently completed a two-year study on using "controlled atmosphere stunning" to knock chickens out before they are slaughtered. The company now uses "electrical stunning" when preparing to slaughter the birds.

Tyson processes 43 million chickens a week and also has operations in Alabama.

"While our research has concluded controlled atmosphere stunning may be an acceptable alternative, we have not currently found it to be more humane than conventional electrical stunning," Bill Lovette, senior group vice president of Poultry and Prepared Foods for Tyson Foods, said in a statement.


5m Editor