S. Korea authorizes poultry imports from Chile

by 5m Editor
17 November 2006, at 2:31pm

SOUTH KOREA - South Korea's Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has authorized the importation of Chilean poultry products, Chile's Export Promotions Program (ProChile) said in a statement on Wednesday.

ProChile, an arm of the Foreign Ministry, said the decision was the successful conclusion of a process that began in March 2004, and provided "unprecedented" opportunities for Chile's poultry products to enter the Asian market.

Last year, South Korea imported more than 86 million U.S. dollars worth of frozen chicken and turkey. And in the first 10 months of this year, it had imported poultry products worth 65.3 million dollars despite the world poultry crisis triggered by avian flu.

Source: Peoples Daily Online

5m Editor