Thai export target of processed poultry dropped

by 5m Editor
1 November 2006, at 6:23pm

THAILAND - The head of the Producers of Export Poultry Association, Md. Anand Sirimongkholkasem, said the export target of processed poultry for this year has reduced from 300,000 tons to only 280,000 tons. However, the stock has over 100,000 poultries.

Md. Anand said about 120,000 tons of poultry will be exported to the European Union (EU). He said the total export value is approximately 32 billion baht. Next year, the amount of poultry to be exported to the EU will be increased to 140,000 tons, while the total amount of poultry export is set at 300,000 tons. However, the remaining 100,000 poultries in the stock will be sold or distributed within Thailand even though a number of poultry raisers have already suffered some financial losses.

Md. Anand said the EU has not cooperated well with Thailand and Brazil in trading poultry because they would like to protect their own poultry raisers. The growth rate in the EU is around 30 to 40 percent per year.

Source: Thais News

5m Editor