Poultry industry fight rages on

by 5m Editor
4 December 2006, at 10:40am

OKLAHOMA - The overpowering ammonia stench from a barn of chicken waste is enough to make eyes water and stomachs churn.

But it doesn't seem to faze Sheri Herron. "It smells like money," Herron says of the waste, which will be used as fertilizer. "It's good, good stuff."

Each year, hundreds of thousands of tons of litter are produced in chicken houses throughout the Illinois River watershed in northeast Oklahoma and western Arkansas. Herron, a soil scientist, has been hired to see that some of it gets trucked out of the area.

Her firm, Best Management Practices Inc., was set up in 2004 by five Arkansas poultry companies to help export litter from the Illinois River watershed.

Source: pbcommercial

5m Editor