Poultry industry keeps close watch on suit against feed makers

by 5m Editor
26 December 2006, at 12:40pm

GEORGIA - The ongoing debate over Northwest Arkansas’ poultry industry and its effects on the environment were featured center stage in a Washington County trial, one of several blaming the industry for harm allegedly caused by a feed additive.

Michael and Mary Green sued the feed makers and several poultry companies — although the poultry firms were eventually removed from the lawsuit by the judge — claiming a substance in chicken litter turned into a harmful form of arsenic when it was spread as fertilizer. They say the arsenic was the cause of their then-teenage son’s leukemia and asked for about $ 900, 000 in compensatory damages, claiming product liability, failure to warn and negligence.

The Greens ’ trial was the first in a multi-lawsuit case involving hundreds of plaintiffs making the same claim, that the spreading of the litter in the Prairie Grove area has caused cancer and other adverse health effects.

Source: Northwest Arkansas Times

5m Editor