Australia sees 80% fall in egg production

by 5m Editor
3 January 2007, at 6:56am

AUSTRALIA - The South Australian Farmers Federation (SAFF) is warning that the number of locally produced eggs will fall by up to 80 per cent with a flood of egg producers leaving the industry.

The head of the federation's poultry section, Warren Starick, says producers cannot afford to upgrade their properties to meet new regulations for increased cage sizes.

Mr Starick says he plans to shut down his egg production by the end of the year.

He says consecutive years of drought, price wars and the flooding of eggs from interstate have prevented producers from funding upgrades to their facilities.

"About four, five years ago we would have had 80 producers," he said.

"There's a number that have closed down already, some quite big ones.

"It will probably get down to 10 or 20 producers at the very most."


5m Editor