Cost effective, solar poultry egg incubator

by 5m Editor
4 January 2007, at 4:55am

INDIA - The machine is ideal for rural individuals and unemployed persons.

Energy conservation has always been an important issue among scientists and policy makers.

Seeking a viable alternative energy source has always been the centre of attention particularly in the agricultural sector.

Harnessing solar energy has been gaining significance as a new and continuous supply of alternative power source, which seems to have an answer to frequent power constraints faced by farmers. Continuous power supply is a boon to ryots, especially in regions affected with frequent electricity failure.

So far solar energy has been used for lighting lamps and for cooking food. Recently it has also been utilised in the poultry sector.

Cost factor
In India there is no small-scale electrical incubator and major poultry farmers use large electrical incubators for hatching their eggs. The cost of these incubators may vary between Rs.50,000 and Rs. 60,000.

The eggs before being placed inside the incubator have to be disinfected to prevent getting spoiled. A Kochi-based entrepreneur, Mr. K. George Kutty, has developed a solar poultry egg incubator.

Source: The Hindu

5m Editor