Thailand: Chickens die of unknown causes

by 5m Editor
5 February 2007, at 11:15am

SONGKHLA - A number of chickens have died from unknown causes in a central Hat Yai district community, according to the chief veterinarian here.

Veterinarian Suthat Niyomthai said that authorities have collected the carcasses for lab tests and hope to know the actual cause within a week.

Fourteen chickens raised by local residents in a community near a Buddhist temple here, died Saturday and another died Sunday morning, according to the veterinarian.

Meanwhile, public health officials in the northern province of Phichit said a three-year-old boy now being treated at a hospital in Pho Thalae district for suspected bird flu disease was cleared of the contagion after shown to be actually suffering from H3 influenza, and is recovering satisfactorily.

Source: MCOT News

5m Editor