Bird flu slashes poultry sales in Bangladesh by 20 percent

by 5m Editor
27 March 2007, at 9:20am

BANGLADESH - Avian influenza has slashed sales of poultry and poultry products by 20 percent in Bangladesh, the local daily The Financial Express reported Monday.

"The disease has cost the poultry industry a 20 percent drop in sales of its products during the last three days," Moshiur Rahman, president of the Bangladesh Poultry Association, was quoted as saying.

"We fear the sales to drop further as consumption of chickens and eggs are dropping by the day," Rahman said.

Sales of chickens and eggs have fallen substantially in the local markets, especially in and around Savar, 25 km west of the capital Dhaka, where four out of the six affected poultry farms are located within three kilometers of each other.

Meanwhile, the livestock department has been ordered to buy and stamp-out (bury scientifically) all homegrown chickens, ducks and birds located within 1 km of the six affected poultry farms.

Source: People's Daily Online

5m Editor