Estonia's Tallegg benefits from rising living standards.

by 5m Editor
2 March 2007, at 12:27pm

ESTONIA - Tallegg, Estonia's largest poultry producer, recorded a profit worth EEK6.6 million (USD557,335) on a turnover worth EEK500 million (USD42.2 million) in 2006, according to the LETA news agency.

In 2005, Tallegg recorded a loss worth EEK36 million (USD3.04 million) on a turnover 8 per cent lower than in 2006.

Tallegg's board chairman, Teet Soorm, said that the company produced 12,100 tonnes of poultry meat and poultry products in 2006. A total of 7.7 million broilers were raised and 79 million eggs produced.

The company's business director, Margus Venelaine, said that Estonians are increasingly preferring higher added value products, such as fresh meat and fillets, because of rising living standards.

Tallegg exported 900 tonnes of poultry meat products to Latvia, and 500 tonnes to Lithuania, last year, with exports to other European Union states totalling 2,200 tonnes.

The company currently has a 38 per cent share of the Estonian poultry meat market, and a 75 per cent share in the raw cooled poultry meat segment.

5m Editor