Equipment washer lifts process cleaning

by 5m Editor
6 April 2007, at 12:18pm

US - A new washing system lifts large vats used in meat and poultry processing into the cleaning chamber, then returns them to the plant floor ready for use, its manufacturer claims.

Douglas Machines claims its VBW-1000 is designed to conserve water, energy and labour as the operations are automated.

Processors are now required to perform rigorous washdowns of machinery and equipment to comply with stringent food safety laws. Cleaning equipment and changeovers result in lost production time, and so processors are looking for faster and automated ways of performing washdowns, the manufacturer claims.

Vats weighing up to 272kg (600 pound) can be loaded on to support brackets mounted on the door, which is lifted by two air operated cylinders into the closed position, claims the company.

Source: Food Production Daily

5m Editor