Seminar Follows Salmonella Scare In Jordan

by 5m Editor
20 June 2007, at 1:48pm

AMMAN - Following alarm caused by an outbreak of salmonella poisoning in Jordan, involving 300 people, the Jordanian Ministries of Agriculture and Health quickly organised a seminar in Amman for table egg and broiler producers.

The outbreak was put down to Salmonella Enteritidis following the consumption of home-made mayonnaise from local fast-food outlets - known as 'Shawerma' outlets - prepared under questionable hygiene conditions.

Dr Ioannis Mavromatis, Lohmann Animal Health's area sales manager for the Middle East

Jordanian Minister of Agriculture, Mr Mustafa Gronfulla, who opened the event, emphasised the importance of measures needed to control salmonella.

Main speaker was Dr Ioannis Mavromatis, Lohmann Animal Health's area sales manager for the Middle East, who outlined the role of vaccination and drew attention to the control of salmonella in the UK, through the Lion Egg scheme, and in Cyprus. Both countries used AviPro Salmonella vac E and T and successfully achieved low and zero levels of salmonella in their layer flocks. He pointed out that a simple test - the AviPro Plate test - could distinguish between vaccine and 'field' strains of salmonella, so did not interfere with monitoring programmes.

Such was the importance attached to this event, in addition to major poultry integrators, it was attended by ten veterinarians involved in zoonosis and veterinary services from the Ministry of Agriculture, Professor Kalel Shawbka from the University of Jordan and Dr Mohamed Al Nator from Jordan University of Science and Technology, as well as vets and advisers from the private sector.

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5m Editor