Litter burning company looks at Arkansas

by 5m Editor
6 July 2007, at 10:41am

ARKANSAS - A British company may bring a poultry litter solution to this area

Fibrowatt is looking to build an electricity generating plant in northwest Arkansas.

According to Jackie Cunningham, Community Relations Director for Poultry Community Council, Fibrowatt would purchase and haul litter from a 100-mile radius at no cost to the producers.

Fibrowatt, with a United States base in Philadelphia, Pa., is the first company in the world to succeed in turning poultry litter into electricity.

High pressure steam produced by burning the litter turns a turbine generator to make electricity the same way a coal fired plant does. Environmentalists say the upside is litter is a clean burning fuel with no toxic elements.

The down side is poultry litter produces one third the heating value of coal, but the cheaper cost of litter may offset that deficit.

Founded in 2000, Fibrowatt built its first litter burning plant in the United States in Minnesota. Litter burning plants are common in the United Kingdom, especially in England and Scotland.

Source: Pryor Daily Times

5m Editor