Bird Flu Scare Hits Egg Exports

by 5m Editor
3 August 2007, at 7:32am

INDIA - The bird flu scare in Manipur has affected the table egg exports from Namakkal to a few Gulf nations once again and triggered a distress sale in the domestic market due to surplus supply.

Poultry farmers have started curtailing egg production, resorting to bird culling and other methods so that they could bring down the bird population.

The zone, which usually exports 45 to 50 lakh eggs to the Gulf countries, has cut down the number to 30 lakhs. African countries, however, continue to buy eggs.

Consignments to Kerala are being subjected to a lot of checks. Kerala buys nearly 70 lakh eggs daily from the zone.

On Thursday, the Namakkal zone of the National Egg Co-ordination Committee (NECC) has announced a cut in the price of egg, from Rs 1.55 to Rs.1.40, against the cost production of Rs 1.48. But it has asked farmers not to sell eggs at less than Rs.1.30 a piece and culled bird at less than Rs. 14 per kg.

Source: The Hindu

5m Editor