Czech Republic Gets Higher Poultry Prices.

by 5m Editor
17 August 2007, at 12:27pm

CZECH REPUBLIC - Poultry producers and processors in the Czech Republic say that poultry meat prices are likely to increase substantially as a result of higher input prices, according to the CTK news agency's Business News.

Some processors have indicated that they expect price increases of up to 30 per cent, although actual price rises will depend on talks with retailers.

Price increases are expected from September, when higher-priced grains from this year's harvest will start to be used in animal feed. The Agrofert agricultural group indicated that the price of its chickens could increase by 20-30 per cent.

In addition, low poultry meat prices in the Czech Republic mean that producers are inclined to export their poultry. The Drubezarsky zavod Klatovy poultry producer noted that demand for poultry meat in the Czech Republic is currently higher than supply.

5m Editor