Local Supply From Kerala Hurts Namakkal Egg Trade

by 5m Editor
17 August 2007, at 8:55am

INDIA - It’s not quite the sunny-side up for Namakkal (Tamil Nadu) egg producers counting on making good the pinch on price margins last week with plump market volumes from Kerala. The school-season table-egg demand is shooting up, thanks to the heavy monsoon, but the rural economy in Kerala has swung into action to revv up its own backyard egg supply chain.

The state had been a loyal buyer of an average of lakh eggs per day from Namakkal. The seasonal demand for layer eggs is up, according to P Padmanabhan, president, Kerala Egg Merchant’s Association.

What disturbs the Namakkal’s captive market in the neighbouring state is a Kerala PSU’s offer to sell locally produced eggs “at 15 paise lower than the market price.”

State Poultry Development Corporation has also invited tenders for the collection of eggs. “We would sell only egg weighing at least 45 gram, which would add a quality factor,” Kamala Sadanandan, chairperson, State Poultry Development Corporation, said.

Almost in tandem with the state PSU’s marketing drive in ‘low-priced packed eggs’, the stagnation in the egg production is changing. Kudumbasree - Kerala’s Poverty Eradication Mission - had completed training and equipping about 300 women across the state in running poultry business. In the first phase, about 10 layer bird units are getting readied for each of the 14 districts.


5m Editor