Poultry Industry Happy Over Stable Broiler Price

by 5m Editor
31 August 2007, at 9:58am

INDIA - Poultry farmer of Palladam, Pongalur and Udumalpet region are happy over the stability in prices of broiler in the last couple of days.

Bird Flu

The prices had fallen drastically a few weeks ago following the cases of Bird Flu reported in northern parts of the country.

Industry sources say that the prices have recovered a fortnight ago during Onam celebrations in Kerala.

Rough estimate

According to a rough estimate, nearly 15 lakh broiler birds a week have been transported to neighbouring Kerala from various parts of Tamil Nadu, mostly from Palladam and Udumalpet region.

Farm gate prices

The farm gate price of the birds now crossed Rs.31 a kg.

While the farm gate prices of broiler birds back to normal, the rates of maize, an important feed for the poultry industry, is on the downside.

Source: TheHindu

5m Editor