Voluntary Notification Set For Poultry Importers

by 5m Editor
22 August 2007, at 8:06am

HONG KONG - The Centre for Food Safety will launch a pre-statutory voluntary notification scheme from September 1 for live food animals and live poultry importers and distributors.

The scheme will help the trade become familiar with the future mandatory notification requirement. It also helps the centre identify food importers and distributors so it can enlist their support and co-operation in the event of a food incident.

Importers and distributors are encouraged to notify the centre of their business registration number, address, telephone number and person-in-charge. The list of importers and distributors will be uploaded on to the centre's website. Application forms can be downloaded here.

For the timetable for the pre-statutory voluntary notification for other food importers and distributors, please click here

5m Editor