‘Chicken Dealers Dump Waste At Jawaharnagar Bund’

by 5m Editor
24 October 2007, at 10:26am

INDIA - The residents of Jawaharnagar are up in arms at the indifferent and callous attitude of the municipal and other authorities responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the area.

"The source of resentment in this case is the dumping of chicken feathers and intestines by the local chicken dealers on the bund," said a delegation of residents.

"The obnoxious foul smell emanating from the poultry waste is spreading over the entire area, thus upsetting us. Soon an epidemic will be spreading from that area," they apprehended.

Industrial and household wastes, sewage, garbage, and similar filth are being dumped just anywhere.

According to the resident, the days are over when people used to go for morning and evening walks on the bund. "Alas! Now, one cannot pass by that area in a vehicle without getting affected by the stink, not to talk of taking health walks on the bund. All that seems to be lost forever unless something is done by the authorities to stop this rot," they told Greater Kashmir.

5m Editor